A Month of Saturdays

A standing joke on this European tour has been, whenever anyone asks what day it is, to say Saturday. We played eight shows in eight days, and then on our so-called day off drove three hours to perform live on the radio. Now we have two more shows before a real day off. Maybe we’ll call that Sunday. Until then it’s all Saturday.

At first we’d say things like, “This is the best meal of the trip,” or, “This hotel has the best shower of the trip,” or, “That was the best ‘so‘ of the trip.” (We are amazed at how much meaning German speakers can pack into the inflection of a single syllable.) But now there is only this meal, this shower, this “so“, and your heels inside your boots on the stage and the music flowing to the audience in front of you, moving to the grooving on a Saturday night.

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  1. Tina
    Tina says:

    Hi Tom,
    keep it up!
    I will bring you a spare Sunday on Monday 28th, to Munich. In case it stays fresh overnight you can enjoy this Sunday on Tuesday the 29th.
    Just hope there is a good fridge at the hotel… otherwise the Sunday may have turned to a Saturday by Tuesday (again!!!)
    Dlo A Change!

    Wish you peaceful Easter Monday-Sunday!

  2. Steve Malcom
    Steve Malcom says:

    Hi tom -had a great time at bbc 6-7-14 both sets were great.
    Your new fans from live oak were amazed- I’m very sorry about the spill on your jacket – next time I see you I want to pay for professional cleaning pls! Hope to be @ blind willies on the 27th. Can’t wait to hear you in a small room turned up!!


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