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Best Blues Album: Black Cat Oil

Creative Loafing Atlanta

This year, Delta Moon released Black Cat Oil, the Atlanta group’s seventh and most transcendent offering in an already respectable catalog. The collision of Tom Gray and Mark Johnson’s dual slide guitars push Southern twang to progressive new heights, crafting an unmistakable Delta Moon sound out of the humid Southern air. The album reveals its strengths through a series of dark and downtrodden tales that walk hand-in-hand with a molasses rhythm section on such songs as “Down & Dirty,” “Wishbone,” and “Neon Jesus.” Aside from a cover of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s “Write Me a Few of Your Lines,” Black Cat teems with captivating originals, which is a rare treat for blues music in the modern era. With a combination of experience, passion, and songwriting prowess, Delta Moon has churned out a round of songs that are screaming to become standards marveled by future generations.

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