“Black Cat Oil” Review in Target Audience Magazine

True blues cruising music for spinning your wheels through the South

 By Ian Williams

Target Audience Magazine

Delta Moon’s Black Cat Oil CD has hit the mark!  When people play this CD they will automatically think blues … redefined.  Play it in your car and it will carry you from the northern most part of the Adirondacks in New York to the deepest part of the Atchafalaya bayou in Louisiana. This is true cruising music.

Tom Grays’ raspy vocals are reminiscent of George Thorogood. However, you will feel they are fresh and from deep inside his soul.  All of the tracks are not only attention grabbing in the beginning but also will keep you engaged from number one through number eleven

Track number two, “Blues In A Bottle,” should become the new anthem for anyone who is having problems. One can only say that this particular track makes you want to kick off your shoes, lay back, pull your hat down, crack open a cold one of your favorite beverages and cast your troubles away.

All of the instruments used on this CD perform in such an evident musical accordance, but each one can stand on its own as well; from the guitar to the drums to the dulcimer and everything between. Forget the convertible and getting your kicks on Route 66 because this is for any ride, for anybody. 

The title track, “Black Cat Oil,” resonates a smooth & suave sound that would make 007 keep it on repeat in his Aston Martin.  I can’t remember the last time a song (with real instruments) put me in the midst of a bayou juke joint laden with Spanish moss complimented with dim, smoky lights, a relaxed mood along with a sold out crowd, and I never even left my house!  Keep your eyes on these talented gentlemen because Black Cat Oil has classic written all over it.

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