Black Cat Oil Tour – 6


From our rolling seats on the highway we can see the rain coming for miles across the big Dutch sky, falling on flat fields and thatched farmhouses and old-fashioned windmills and glass factories and stores. I’m in the front seat of the van with a journal in my lap, eating Ricolas and scribbling to the beat of the windshield wipers.

Our drummer, Marlon, had a previous commitment for a two-week European tour with his rock band, Ill. So after Delta Moon’s show in Habach, Bavaria, he caught a ride into Munich to make the 6:00 a.m. train to Paris. A day later we got a photo of Marlon hanging out with Sade.
Meanwhile back in Bavaria, we took a few badly needed days off to do laundry, eat schnitzel and spargel, and hike around the countryside until we wore the tread off our shoes.

Our friend Sam Kelly has flown down from London to play drums with us this week. Since picking him up at the Zurich airport, we’ve been through four countries in four days. The picture at top was taken on the Neckar bridge in Heidelburg, a town I’d love to visit again someday. When Sam saw the photo he said, “We should have done a checkerboard.” But we’ve decided we like this arrangement. We’re calling it the Delta Moon Double Stuffed Oreo.


Last night in Eindhoven, Netherlands, we played a show with Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart. It didn’t take long to learn we have a lot of friends in common in Tennessee and New York and other places. Stacey and Mark are playing 50 European dates in 60 days (this was number 37), and they’re doing the whole tour by Eurorail, rolling their acoustic guitar cases on little carts, like a pair of old-time vaudevilleans. I enjoyed their show. It was good to hear voices from home.

Now, just when I’ve picked up enough German to fake my way through little everyday situations, here come menus in Dutch. Fortunately, most of the people here speak at least some English. Somehow, as long as we’re not afraid to look foolish, we manage to get along just fine.

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