StroncaTour – Italy, March 2018

Delta Moon ate so much stroncatura pasta in Calabria the first two weeks of March that the Italian leg of our trip became called the StroncaTour. Stroncatura is a coarse, dark pasta originally made from the floor sweepings of the pasta factories and sold as food for animals. Human consumption was forbidden. But poor people […]

Delta Moon in Spain – Part 3

(Part Three of our adventures in Spain this February. Here are Parts One and Two.) This week I learned something I already knew. Eleven shows in eleven days is too many. Especially when the offstage time is divided between short hours in a cold hotel bed and long hours in a van. At a pace […]

Delta Moon in Spain, 2018 – Part 2

(Part Two of our adventures in Spain this February. You can read Part One here.) We saw Gibraltar the other day. As we drove along the expressway, not far outside Estepona, Pepe, our Spanish agent and road manager, pointed to a promontory on the the horizon and said, “Do you know what that is? That […]

Delta Moon in Spain, 2018 – Part 1

I’m writing this in the back seat of a Citroen van, rolling along a Spanish highway through an ever-changing Krazy Kat landscape. A week ago today we flew out of Atlanta, Mark and I changing planes in Toronto and Franher on a different route with a layover in New York. We reassembled at the Madrid […]

Tasting Blood and Seeing Stars

We have only eight copies left of Delta Moon’s CD Black Cat Oil. I’ve talked with Steven Goff, the head of Red Parlor Records, our American label for that 2012 release, and we’re not going to press any more. Of course, the album will live on in digital form, through downloads and streaming. I’m glad […]

Christmas Time in New Orleans

Hi Everyone, Mark here. Although I usually let my guitar do my talking, I wanted to tell you about a song I wrote that Delta Moon has just recorded and released. It’s called “Christmas Time in New Orleans”. The song was inspired by a trip I took with my wife many years ago to New […]