The Revolving Throne

Some of you may know that Delta Moon started without a drummer, way back in the ancient times. Our first gigs were acoustic. It didn’t take us long, though, to crank up the volume. As some guys we once met in Bavaria said, after telling us they had been drinking beer since nine in the […]

un gest per la llengua

Speaking Catalan (or At Least I Tried)

Before Delta Moon’s show in Lleida, Spain, our Spanish agent, Pepe Ferrández, handed me a cardboard box and said, “The government requires that I give this to you.” The box was labeled with a picture of a winking face and the words un gest per la llengua, which is Catalan for “a gesture towards language”. […]


Speaking English

Delta Moon has been in Madrid a week now, and I’ve almost quit trying to speak to people in Spanish. It’s not that I can’t make myself understood. I have a hard time following the answers. And what’s the point when just about everyone in downtown Madrid speaks English? At first I thought there was […]


Good News and Bad News

Last night Vic Stafford, Delta Moon’s drummer, sent a text to the other members of the band: “Hey guys good news and bad news. First I broke my hand. Might need a sub. Just kidding about the good news. Will call when I get out of the ER.” Later he sent us a photo of […]


The Love Hormone

In an ongoing effort to put my life in order, I’ve been reading The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin, author of This is Your Brain on Music. On page 142 I found this: “There’s a hormone in the brain released by the back half of the pituitary gland, oxytocin, that has been called by […]


Gip’s Place

Last Saturday Delta Moon played at one of the last authentic juke joints in the American South, Gip’s Place in Bessemer, Alabama. According to Diane, who books the bands there, Henry “Gip” Gipson constructed the original building in his backyard in 1952. “He cleared a space so the neighborhood kids could play ball,” she said, […]

Dress Code

A Dress Code By Any Other Name

On a walk through the crowded streets of Knoxville’s Old City last Saturday night we marveled at this sign in the window of a bar. A crowd slammed the place and formed a line out the door — all young, raucous and white. I said, “What do you think was that number six they taped […]