Delta Moon on the Move

Delta Moon has been doing a lot of moving lately — ten shows in ten days in Germany, Austria and Croatia, then a day off to drive back to Germany, a bunch more dates, and another day off to drive to Italy. We play our fourth show here tonight before heading back to Germany, where […]

Greetings from Deutschland

Delta Moon has been on the road in Germany for a week now. I’m writing this in the backseat of a rented Mercedes van doing 125 kph down the autobahn. It’s a beautiful sunny day here. The trees are just starting to bud. An old friend, Greg Baba, formerly of the Atlanta-based band King Johnson, […]


In our travels last year through Spain, Germany, Italy and eastern Europe we saw a lot of migrants tramping along the roadside, begging and busking in city streets, or camping by fences with nowhere left to go. According to the United Nations, 65 million refugees are wandering the world today, displaced by war, overpopulation and […]

Introducing the Mark Johnson Signature Ceramic Slide

We’re pleased to introduce the Mark Johnson Signature Ceramic Slide, crafted to Mark’s specifications by Doc Sigmier of Rocky Mountain Slides, and available now only through PledgeMusic. Mark’s Signature Ceramic Slide is a custom Shavano in midnight black with a triple color tip. Inner diameter is 19mm. Length is 62mm. It weighs in at about […]

Pre-order the New Album

Delta Moon’s new album, CABBAGETOWN, features the band’s signature dual slide guitar sound, but with some new sonic twists. These songs explore fresh territory, inspired by people and scenes the band has experienced at home and in their travels. Five-time Grammy winner Susan Archie is doing the artwork. International distribution is already set up. But […]