Blues in a Bottle

Delta Moon Marietta GA August 20 2011

One evening in mid-July of this year Delta Moon pulled into Halifax, Nova Scotia. Having driven 900 miles from Ottawa in the last two days, we felt hungry and in need of a stroll. So we donned long-sleeved shirts and jackets, walked to the Carleton, the venue where we were to play the following night, and ordered four bowls of seafood chowder.

There we met several interesting people, including Mike Campbell, a former Canadian music TV host (remember VJs?) who owned the venue, and Tammy Milbury, who invited us to her Codapop recording studio in Halifax the following morning to shoot a video. My response: “Why, sure, thank you.”

Codapop has just posted the video, a new song called “Blues in a Bottle.” I hope you like it.

(Thanks again, Tammy and everyone at Codapop, and thanks to Carlton Freeman for the photo at the top of this page.)

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  1. bonsaimike
    bonsaimike says:

    Hey I loved seeing you guys at Candler Park Fest. You blew it out! Awesome. I met a musician from Nova Scotia at the Duckpond Pottery in Brevard NC named Eric Fresia. He does some really cool stuff, alone and with his offspring. i wondered if you heard of him when you were there.
    Thanks for the great music!
    Mike Redgrave


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