The Revolving Throne

Some of you may know that Delta Moon started without a drummer, way back in the ancient times. Our first gigs were acoustic. It didn’t take us long, though, to crank up the volume. As some guys we once met in Bavaria said, after telling us they had been drinking beer since nine in the morning, “Now we have reached a good level.”

Meanwhile, Delta Moon‘s drum throne continues to spin. Vic Stafford’s broken hand has healed. But now Vic has taken a job running audio for a new TV show at Turner, which is covering his medical bills but has severely cut his ability to travel or take weeknight gigs. Vic will continue to play with the band, but so will Marlon Patton, who played on our last two albums and the recent European tour, along with a new friend, Zack Albetta, and our buddy Yonrico Scott, formerly of the Derek Trucks Band and now with the Royal Southern Brotherhood. No slouches there, any of them.

Here’s video of three songs we played with Marlon on the Closing Time radio show in Trieste, Italy.

Good News and Bad News

Last night Vic Stafford, Delta Moon’s drummer, sent a text to the other members of the band: “Hey guys good news and bad news. First I broke my hand. Might need a sub. Just kidding about the good news. Will call when I get out of the ER.”

Later he sent us a photo of an x-ray. It’s not pretty. The bad news is Vic is out for at least six weeks.

But we do have some good news. Yonrico Scott (formerly with the Derek Trucks Band and now the Royal Southern Brotherhood) said he was wide open this week and would be delighted to rehearse and come with us to Tallahassee Friday to play at the Bradfordville Blues Club.

Yonrico is a powerhouse drummer and radiates intense positive energy onstage. Every show he has played with Delta Moon, whether a jam or a full gig, has been a memorable experience. Friday will be a lot of fun.

We hope Vic heals quickly. Between touring and recording, we’ve got a heavy schedule in the New Year, and we don’t intend to cancel anything. This is what we do. We are not trying just to get the gigs covered; we want to make them the best they can possibly be, for the audience’s sake and our own too.

The adventure continues.

Delta Moon Plans Spring Tour of Europe

Delta Moon’s spring 2016 tour of Europe is taking shape. We will kick it off with a weeklong stand at Café Central in Madrid, February 15- 21, followed by another week touring Spain. The month of March we will spend in Germany and Austria and adjacent countries. The first week of April we plan to spend touring eastern Europe. As the time gets closer and details are confirmed, you can check the updated schedule here.

“Low Down” Hits Number 2 on the Contemporary Blues Chart

After weeks of oscillating between the Three and Four positions, Delta Moon’s album Low Down has risen to Number Two on the Roots Music Report’s Contemporary Blues Album Chart, based  on reported radio airplay. Meanwhile, “Wrong Side of Town” has jumped from Fifteen to Number Three on the Contemporary Blues Song Chart. Thanks to all the deejays who are playing our music, and thanks to everyone else for listening.

Low Down Holds Steady at Number 3

After four weeks on the Roots Music Report‘s Top 50 Contemporary Blues Albums chart,  Low Down is holding steady in the Number Three position and has never dipped below Number Four. The chart is compiled from reported radio airplay. Thank you, blues DJs everywhere.

Meet Vic Stafford


Meet  Vic Stafford, the newest member of Delta Moon. As of February 2015 Vic has taken sole possession of the band’s drum throne.

Vic has been part of Delta Moon’s extended family for several years now, filling in with us from time to time at festivals and club shows. He has worked with Donna the Buffalo, Blueground Undergrass and Toubab Krewe. We are delighted to have Vic as a dedicated member of Delta Moon.

I asked Vic his favorite color and he said, “All of them.” His all-time favorite albums are Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs and Steely Dan’s Royal Scam. He keeps pygmy goats in his backyard.

We remain friends with our past drummers, although they are now in other projects: Darren Stanley, with us off and on for seven years, has been working lately with Col. Bruce Hampton. Marlon Patton, who recorded on Delta Moon’s last couple studio albums, is drumming with Larkin Poe. We’ve shared a lot of unforgettable experiences with Darren and Marlon, love them both as brothers and wish them nothing but the best.