Chocolate Hearts

Delta Moon in Macon

Last Friday Delta Moon played our first show since my most recent (and I pray last) surgery. Thanks to everyone who came out. Hope you had as much fun as I did. Physically I’m still on the mend, but mentally and spiritually I feel what didn’t kill me has indeed made me stronger. You can’t look cancer in the eye without it changing the way you view the world and your life.

I’ve just finished reading Priceless, the Myth of Fair Value by William Poundstone. The book closes with a question posed by researcher Christopher Hsee. Which would you prefer: ( A) a small, heart-shaped chocolate, or (B) a much larger chocolate shaped like a cockroach? Hsee says most people choose B. But when asked to imagine which they would enjoy more, most people say A.

Why choose something you enjoy less just because you get more of it? The human mind isn’t always rational. If for chocolate you read money or just stuff, those responses explain a lot about the way many of us live.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s this: do what you’ve got to do, but enough is enough. Unless you’re stuck in a desert or a prison camp, life is too short for eating cockroaches.

Little chocolate hearts are everywhere if you open your eyes to them.

(Photo by Craig Zabriskie)

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  1. Tony Evans
    Tony Evans says:

    You’re right, life is too short and I’m with you on the changing the way one views the world.
    However, one of my favorite songs you guys do is Do the Do and I’ll always go for the cockroach here, selfish of me I know. Anyway Yvonne says hi and we love you and hope you are playing until we can’t remember who you are. Hope to see you at Blind Willie’s and many times after that.

  2. Olivier
    Olivier says:

    tom, i just known you on internet, i buy your cd in same time, because your music make me feel good,i’m just a french boy 51 years old, i’m with you ,Olivier France


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