Concert Review in Augsburger-Allgemeine (Germany)

Augsburger-Allgemeine (For the original German text click here.)

Under the Blues Moon

Delta Moon in the Charivari: What makes the band so special

By Ronald Hinzpeter

Perfect guitar work: Delta Moon in Charivari.

Photo: Reinhard Pfetsch.

Ulm. If two electric guitars play together, it can lead to wonderful duets like once in the Allman Brothers or Wishbone Ash. It is no harder to meld two slide guitars in intimate harmony, because if the instrumentalists slip a little sloppy with the glass or metal tube over the strings, the eardrums immediately squeak. Delta Moon from Atlanta are one of the few bands ever to compete with two equal-slated players. When Tom Gray and Mark Johnson duel, or play together, they tickle creamy runs from their guitars, then it sounds as if the two identical guitar guitars. No wonder, because the two founding members of the band have been playing together for more than 20 years and seem blind. In the Charivari, they have already presented a performance for the second time that leaves only one wish — that they may soon be able to return. The quartet plays this somewhat laid-back, bluish-waved swampy sound, as it can only thrive in the sultry heat of the South. This does not tolerate exaggerated hustle and bustle, but lives from the steaming slide guitars. Gray and Johnson blend so masterfully that the sound of Delta Moon actually stands out from that of many other bands. The songs are good, solid work, but get the certain brilliance, which lifts them out of the mass, only through the fine guitar playing. Gray and Johnson are doing this without exaggerated posing, but sometimes Gray shakes a little with his hip, with a gray head and thick glasses, more like the friendly narrative. This must suffice as a stage show, the music speaks for itself – and this is applauded by the  connoisseurs who once again filled Charivari. But towards the end, the band goes out in the audience and creates a small session. There may also be bass player Franher Joseph, with the vocal chorus refrain, a little run out of fingers, and backup guitarist Greg Baba shows that he has more on it, than just reliably beat the beat. Oh yes, Johnson and Gray are also pleasant to chat, because after the concert they are still in direct contact with the audience — two grown men, whose job is really fun … Under the Blues Moon.

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