Concert Review in Blues Matters (UK)

Blues Matters
Issue 78, June/July 2014

Terri’Thouars Blues Festival
Thouars, France
April 2nd-6th, 2014

By Iain Patience

2014 marked the 10th Anniversary of the Terri’Thouars Blues Festival in France. Centred in the pleasant market town of Thouars, in the Poitou Charente region, a few kilometres south of Saumur on the Loire, it is both accessible and rewarding, in many ways, for Channel-hopers in the UK.

Each year, the festival grows in size and ambition; organised by a small French blues association, Blues & Co., blues players are shipped in from the USA annually to add a little bit of spice to the French stew….

From Atlanta, Georgia, old blues-hand Delta Moon produced a tingling set that had la Theatre on its feet as they delivered a fabulous electric slide-driven set with no less than three standing ovations; cheering encores. A band at the top of its game, they clearly enjoyed themselves and went down a bundle with the rapturous French audience.

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