Concert Review in Dirty Rock (Spain)

Delta Moon, a Real Slap of the Most Swampy Blues

By Angel Manuel Hernández Montes

27 October, 2014

Dirty Rock (Follow this link for original Spanish text.)

Delta Moon crossed the pond to be known in our lands on a tour that has kept them occupied much of the last week. On October 22 the guitar tandem of Tom Gray and Mark Johnson exuded the sinuous sounds of Mississippi, an indisputable sign of their group identity, before a terrible Madrid turnout. The night was not for nothing, “important” football matches, the wide range of events offered by the city and a sleepy staff that lets these shows go, waiting for the arrival of a consecrated star, offering a concert in a large enclosure where they thoroughly clean your pocket, and then they are the ones who say that there are no concerts in Madrid. The Wurlitzer Ballroom, a small place where you can enjoy good music a few meters from the musicians with more than affordable prices, like the entrance, did not help hook the public attention.

Witnesses were only a small number of faithful devotees of good music that encouraged the Delta Moon quartet. We got a real slap of more swampy sounds than you can take in the face, combining exquisite blues with mood rock. Tom Gray’s particular way of playing the guitar, semi-horizontal with thimbles, demonstrated such characteristic sounds of slide in an evening of blues roots where his partner Mark Johnson had perfect gear to bring to fruition the great game of guitars accented by a formidable rhythm section. There was no lack of sympathy, appreciation and commitment. Nor did they give a shit be performing to thirty people, which is welcome because the audience thoroughly enjoyed their taste in music making. Generous in the development of themes, sparing nothing to please the audience given them, professional as the top of a pine tree. This is how they delighted us, making us spend a genuine good blues night cast only for a few.

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