Delta Moon uber Germany – Prelude

Hi, this is Tom Gray. I’m determined to keep a blog for our German tour, which starts later this week. So here’s a warm-up post to get me up to speed and you up to date.

Our Story So Far

Week before last we traveled to Kitchener, Ontario, where our Canadian friends wined and dined us and generally treated us like kings. We played a killer show at the Starlight in Waterloo — wonderful venue, wonderful crowd. Everything was beautiful.

Well, every day can’t be Christmas. I guess that’s why we have the 4th of July.

This Friday we drove down to the Mojo Kitchen in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The audience seemed enjoy to the show. But when it came time to load out, we found a wide brown smear down the side of our van. Franher sniffed it and said, “You can’t please ‘em all.”

We drove the van around behind the restaurant kitchen. A waitress hooked up a hose to the hot water in the dishwashing sink, and we blasted the van clean. To cut the BBQ grease on the dishes, they run the water scalding hot. I found that out when I got a shoe full of it.

Saturday we grabbed bagels and coffee and drove six hours back to Atlanta. After a quick stop at the house to change clothes and down a plate of pasta I met the others at the Moon Shadow Tavern in Tucker. We set up our gear, then learned the club provided PA but no soundman, no microphones, no stands and no cables. They don’t trust musicians not to steal (for reason, I’m sure). But this was news to us. We tried calling friends in the area for help – no luck. So I drove back to our rehearsal studio in Atlanta, taking deep breaths and thinking relaxing thoughts all the way. We hooked up and tested everything while the audience watched us, then started the show about an hour and a half late.

I wanted to sing “Lodi,” but Darren and Franher didn’t know it. Mark said, “No, you’ve got the wrong attitude. These people here are our friends and fans. Let’s just relax and have a good time.” And of course he was right.

We had a great time.

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  1. ApK
    ApK says:

    The Moonshadow gig was great, your energy amazing, and you fooled us all that it was such a rollercoaster getting there and setting up. You are such pros!

    I for one will never forget your April 09 Tucker gig!


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