Delta Moon in Italia 2


Three shows down in Italy, they’ve all gone well. Pictured above is an after-hours jam at La Dispensa in Mirto, Sicily. We arrived in Mirto in the dark, so we had no idea where we were, except that we had been climbing winding mountain roads in the rain. In the morning we awoke to this view:


My black cowboy shirt is getting a little pungent. We flew south from Milan with only one carry-on bag each, so I could bring just one stage outfit with changes of underwear. I must not have offended anyone last night, because after the show there was plenty of air-kissing and drink buying (mostly grappa and a little Irish whiskey). Anyway, it was good to have a day off in Palermo. I washed my socks in a hotel sink and hung them on the balcony railing to dry. Everybody’s in good spirits. Tomorrow we fly north and rejoin our luggage.


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