Delta Moon in Norway

Tom with paper

On the flight from Copenhagen to Norway a guy sitting across the aisle from me was reading a Norwegian newspaper, and at the top of the page was a photo of Delta Moon. Okay, it was page 31 of the “Lokal & Kultur” section. But for a moment life was like a Hitchcock movie, when the hero sees the front-page photo of himself under the headline “Manhunt for Murderer Continues.” The Norwegian guy paid us no attention at all, though we had him surrounded.

We had a good first couple gigs in Denmark, both of them in ancient buildings converted to music venues. Bruunske Pakhus in Fredericia was an old warehouse. The soundman told us he thought the building was 800 years old, but later I learned the city wasn’t founded until the 1600s, so maybe not. Still the place seemed plenty old. The Harmonien in Svendborg was in a remodeled half-timber stable on a cobblestone courtyard. This was our load-in:

Harmonien load in

We’ve only been in Norway a few hours, but it feels very different — lots of wood paneling, bigger cars and money from the North Sea oil wells. An hour after we landed Mark and I taught a slide guitar workshop in a youth center in Stavanger. Then we all went out for dinner. The food and beer taste different here too, maybe a little more vinegar or something. The weather is wet like in the northwestern US, with the sea to the west and mountains to the east. The people seem friendly. We’ll learn more tomorrow.

I’ll leave you for now with this shot of Franher chilling on the streets of Copenhagen.

Franher blends in

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  1. Anders
    Anders says:


    I live in Fredericia (great gig, by the way, loved every minute of it) and have cheked up on the history:
    Bruunske Pakhus in the present form is only from about 1850, when it replaced a wooden stable/barn, that had been there for a hundred years or so… In other words: it’s brand spanking new 🙂


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