Delta Moon over Europe 2014

We had a terrific time at the Terri’ Thouars Blues Festival in Thouars, France. Our French hosts were wonderful, the food and wine was delicious, and there was plenty of good music. Besides our show in a theater (drummer’s eye view above) we hung around there a few days and even played an impromptu set on borrowed equipment in a small cafe.

There were plenty of other musicians hanging around, both French and American. I was glad to meet and spend some time with Toby Walker, a fingerstyle guitarist from New Jersey whose name we’ve heard for years.

The quote of the week came from Aaron Burton, a great acoustic blues guitarist and singer from Dallas, Texas. On our final night in Thouars, as he took the stage for a late night jam, Aaron turned to Darren and Franher and said, “Let’s get hillbilly on their ass.”

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