Delta Moon signs with Red Parlor Records


Delta Moon has signed an album deal with Red Parlor Records. The new CD, Hellbound Train, will be released in the USA, Canada and Japan after the first of the year on the Red Parlor label. It’s already out now, in a slightly different form, in Europe on the Blues Boulevard label.

The picture above shows Mark and me signing the Red Parlor contract. It’s Delta Moon’s policy to have our picture taken with a bottle of tequila whenever we sign anything, in case we later need to claim we were out of our minds.

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  1. Angie
    Angie says:

    It’s my policy to buy a round of whiskeys for the band at CD release parties. YAY! A year of CD release parties for 2010.
    I’ll get started!
    Peace y’all. GR8MUSICROX!

  2. Skin Richards
    Skin Richards says:

    Skin abides by the policy and will put a copy in the vault for safe keepin, just in case. Uh, by the way, can I get a sip a that! Shadoobie


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