Delta Moon Uber Germany 2011

Delta Moon

We’re not the jet set.

We’re the old Chevro-let set.

Our steak and martini
Is a draft beer with a wienie.

Actually, our rental vehicle here is not a Chevy but a Dodge, ten years old, with a new interior and a new engine, roomy and comfortable. Germans have told us they never see anything like it here. We suspect it may have originally belonged to the US Army. The original camo paint has been brushed over with a coat of gray so that it looks like a prison van and gives us a Cool Hand Luke vibe when we roll into town. Adults stare and children point.

But our work here is better than swingblading roadsides. The first three gigs have gone well and have been a lot of fun. Here’s video. Last night in Hard, Austria, we were finally able to get full night’s sleep in a real bed.

Charlie Barnet, one of my favorite 1940s big band leaders, summed up life on the road this way: “You stay tired, dirty and drunk.” Seventy years later many things have changed, but we’re still doing well to avoid any one of those three. This morning I hit the trifecta. I’ll enjoy it while I can. It will be impossible to maintain.

Monday is another day off. Then we will put our heads down for twelve straight nights of shows, including a private party not on the posted schedule. Internet connection is hard to find. I will post this when I can.

No, we’re not the jet set.
We’re the Jones and Wynette set.
But ain’t we got love.

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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    So what kinda gas mileage are ya gettin with that beauty? And does it have enough “pick up” on the Autobahn? Viel Spass boys…

  2. Hans
    Hans says:

    A couple of months ago I was lucky to talk with the guitarist of Patricia Vonne (Robert LaRoche ?) in the Bluesgarage. He was deeply impressed by the heavy traffic on the German Autobahn and the speed of most of the cars and he was nearly afraid of that. What was your experience, Tom?

    • Tom Gray
      Tom Gray says:

      Hans, the autobahn is different from US expressways, but it’s not so hard to deal with once you get used to it. What scared us more was the way German drivers pass on two-lane highways. The autobahn always has a lot more construction going on than American highways. “It’s not real,” one German woman told us. “There is no construction. Closing lanes is the only way they can get the cars to slow down.”

  3. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    He Tom

    it was a real pleasure to meet you and the band at Hard (Lake Constance).
    Hope we will see us soon again at Grütli the Club in Switzerland – everyone with a glass coffee Lutz in his hand.

    Cheers Patrick


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