Delta Moon uber Germany 2013

Delta Moon has been in Europe three weeks now. It’s a beautiful place, and people have been wonderful to us. There are some differences between here and home. I’m not talking about politics or social systems, but day-to-day life on the road. Some things I like better, some less.

Things I like better in Europe:

* Double-hinged windows that open either at the top or the side. Most American hotel windows don’t open at all.

* Steam-heated towel racks. You can wash your socks in the sink, hang them up and they’re dry and toasty in no time.

* Good quality road food. Almost anyplace along the highway you can find fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy sandwiches. There’s usually a good breakfast at the hotel and an excellent dinner at the venue.

* Bicycles and pedestrian zones. Every city has a pedestrian-only zone at the center, and, especially in the north, young or old, rich or poor, everyone rides bikes.

Things I miss about America:

* My family.

* Free and easy Internet access. I don’t understand why hotels here are so stingy with the wifi. Even where they don’t charge an arm and leg per hour, they make it incredibly complicated.

* Spicy food, at least in Germany. Mexican restaurants are few and bear little resemblance to what we’re used to. Even if you order extra scharf, Indian and Italian dishes are toned down for the German taste. Mark is packing his own bottle of hot sauce and a jar of curry powder.

All in all, though, there’s no call for whining. We love it here. The audiences have been terrific. We’ve made a lot of friends in Europe and hope to make some new ones — starting tonight.

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  1. Tom Gray
    Tom Gray says:

    The Internet works! Martin Eichhorn at the Hotel Eichhorn in Harsefeld, Germany, read this blog and last night served us a meal that was plenty scharf. Vielen dank, Martin, for the delicious hospitality.


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