Mediterranean Working Vacation – Part 1


Greetings from Italy.

I love going places. But the experience of air travel I rate one notch above going to the hospital. This trip our luggage missed a connection in New York Saturday and didn’t show up in Milan until Wednesday. By that time we were far south in Calabria, down on the toe of the Italian boot. We look forward to seeing our bags again. But Mark and I have our guitars, and with the help of friends and street vendors we are getting by just fine. In fact we’re having a wonderful time.

We are joined on this trip by the Xeres brothers, Paolo on drums and Marco on bass. This Italian-American joint venture is turning out to be a rocking little unit. Our first show last night in Cinquefrondi was great fun. In Calabria we are staying with our good friend Enzo Tropepe and traveling in his Ford truck, pictured above.

Here is Paolo Xeres:

Here is Marco Xeres:


Tonight we play in Villa San Giovanni, by the Strait of Messina, and tomorrow at the Tropea Blues Festival, in one of the most beautiful places I know. The people are friendly and the food is fantastic. Life’s too short to worry about luggage.

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