Delta Moose

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.

— Oscar Wilde

Delta Moon just returned home from a 12-day road trip in Canada, logging 4500-some miles and never spending two nights in the same place. On a trip like that we feel free to just relax and be ourselves because, according to Oscar Wilde’s dictum, whatever happens we’re still spreading happiness.

Now, on to the Canadian wildlife report….

We traveled east this trip, so we saw no bighorn sheep or silver wolves. The most spectacular sighting was a family of five skunks flopping across the street at 2:00 AM in downtown Kincardine, Ontario. In Quebec the redwinged blackbirds were everywhere, like sparrows. I kept a rolling roadkill tally, and it looked as if the raccoons were going to walk away with the competition, but some frightful carnage near Moncton finally put the porcupines ahead, 5-4.

Delta Moon has yet to see a moose in Canada, and people tell us that is a good thing, since the giant herbivores tend to wander onto the highway, where they act as roving brick walls. According to bar stories, which is how we get most of our information on the road, many a band van has been totalled by these animals that still refuse to admit humans rule the Earth.

Delta Moose with guitar
Delta Moose with bass
Delta Moose with drums
Art by Becky Stewart of Sackville, New Brunswick. (Thanks, Becky!)

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