Ghost in My Guitar

The idea for Delta Moon’s song “Ghost in My Guitar” came from a Dobro I bought many years ago in a pawnshop in Temple, Texas. Anyone who played that guitar more than ten minutes couldn’t help but start into “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” I used to hand the Dobro to people and wait for it. The song was in that guitar. Who put it there I never knew, though sometimes, when the resonator got to vibrating, I could catch a faint whiff of his tobacco smoke.

There are songs in guitars, and there are songs in our heads, hands and hearts. This video is a tribute to those who put the music there — and not just the famous ones. The guitarists in these pictures range from well known to long forgotten. I can put a name to only about two-thirds of the photos. Who do you recognize?

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  1. Rickey Noel Mitchell
    Rickey Noel Mitchell says:

    Hey Tom, I actually grew up in Killeen Texas about twenty minutes from Temple.
    It is no suprise that Dobro from a store there would be haunted. I can only recognize a few of the individuals in your video but I feel like I know them all. Some of the folks in the images seem be looking back at you . Well done very well done.


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