Greetings from Deutschland

Delta Moon has been on the road in Germany for a week now. I’m writing this in the backseat of a rented Mercedes van doing 125 kph down the autobahn. It’s a beautiful sunny day here. The trees are just starting to bud.

An old friend, Greg Baba, formerly of the Atlanta-based band King Johnson, is drumming with us on this tour, and he’s doing a fantastic job. Greg lives in Switzerland now, so he was a natural to call when Marlon Patton, who played drums on the Cabbagetown album, had other commitments during the six weeks we’re in Europe.

Most of the dates on this tour are clubs and indoor festivals, but yesterday afternoon we played a men’s prison. The guys seemed to enjoy it. After the show several came up to thank us before getting herded out. I was touched when one man shook my hand, looked me in the eye and said, “For a while, your music has freed my soul.”

The sound man told us that the real party is at the women’s prison in Frankfurt. He said the band plays outside, and the women all get up and dance on the grass. Over the last few years we have played several men’s prisons in Germany. The men like to clap hands and shout, but there’s never any dancing. We still have hopes for Frankfurt next year.

(Thanks to Kurt Heldmann for the photo.)

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  1. Hume
    Hume says:

    You definitely need to check out that women’s prison thing. You know how women protest in prison right? They take their clothes off. I’m not going to tell you how I know that. Have fun.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Hi Tom,
    in the near of Affalter is also located a woman’s prison 🙂
    I’m still enjoying CABBAGETOWN ( in preperation for the long awaited gig tommorow in my hometown)
    It gives me pleasure to say: well done well done!
    I didn’t know that you are a master on the keyboards!!!
    I hope it’s gone a be a great night tommorow und I know a tasty vegan pumpkins soup served from Andrea is waits for you…..


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