Hanging with Uncle Stinky

“Sometimes I think Uncle Stinky is a figment of my imagination,” Franher says, “but Darren sees him too.”

Mark and I have never seen Uncle Stinky. Franher and Darren seem to run into him every time Delta Moon travels to Canada. They met him first in the Rumrunner Lounge in the Walper Hotel in Kitchener. The other night he was at the bar of the Bruce Steak House in Kincardine.

What Uncle Stinky does is get people drinking Crown Royal and chasing it with pickle juice.

“At first they say, ‘No way,'” says Franher. “But then they try it and say, ‘Whoa. This is right.’ Pretty soon he has everybody at the bar drinking Crown Royal and pickle juice.”

Darren says, “Uncle Stinky is the Buddha.”

“I don’t remember why we call him Uncle Stinky,” Franher says. “I thought Darren and I made that up, but then his girlfriend said, ‘Do you know what his nickname is? Stank.'”

Stank, if you’re reading this, please leave a comment. I appreciate that you are a man with a mission. You shake people up, and then you share an experience to bring them together. I respect that. Our mission is the same, only we use slide guitars instead of pickle juice.

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