Happy Birthday, Tom

Tom Gray Herisau

I turned a year older today in Switzerland. At midnight last night Orest, the owner of the Bierhaus in Sempach, interrupted our show to make a “special announcement.” He spoke in German to the audience. I didn’t realize what he was saying until I heard my name and saw his wife, Regi, approaching the stage with a tray covered with lit tea candles and Swiss chocolates. What else was there to do but make a wish, blow out the candles and eat a chocolate?

We have only two shows left to go on this European tour. At breakfast this morning Darren and I agreed that, though we’re both ready to see home again, we hate to see this trip end. Every venue has been too much fun. The audiences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been a delight to play to.

Anyway, it’s not done yet. And though I may be closing out another year, neither am I by a long shot. I’ve been doing some reflecting and have a lot of ideas and plans for the year to come. But right now I’m thinking about food. This is Corpus Christi, a holiday in Switzerland. Most of the shops and cafes here in the town of Herisau are closed, so we missed lunch. I’m munching my chocolates and looking forward to a blow-out birthday dinner tonight in St. Gallen.

Delta Moon at the Bierhaus, Sempach, CH
Darren, Mark, Orest and Tom at the Bierhaus in Sempach, Switzerland.

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  1. Tom Gray
    Tom Gray says:

    Thanks, everyone. Wendy, don’t let the Johnson brothers get too out of hand in Barcelona. Pascal, I met you the next day! I didn’t want to push the birthday thing too far. We had a great time in Herisau and hope we see you and your brother again.



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