“Hell Bound Train” review in Leicester Bangs (UK)

Delta Moon
Hell Bound Train (Red Parlor)

By Simon M.
Leicester Bangs

Atlanta based Delta Moon are certainly rooted in the blues, but whether it’s wholesome ZZ Top style Southern blues-groove or something altogether more folkier, is less clear. Both approaches seem to pay dividends. Their cover of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s “You Got To Move” is nigh on perfect, and when they let rip on the title track and the toothsome “Lonely” they’re equally adroit. Vocalist (and main songwriter) Tom Gray applies plenty of grit and soul, and the twin guitars compliment the songs and add ample depth. I imagine on stage they’re even better, but if you’re keen to make their acquaintance sooner rather than later, “Hell Bound Train” is a wonderful place to start.

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