Introducing the Mark Johnson Signature Ceramic Slide

We’re pleased to introduce the Mark Johnson Signature Ceramic Slide, crafted to Mark’s specifications by Doc Sigmier of Rocky Mountain Slides, and available now only through PledgeMusic.

Mark’s Signature Ceramic Slide is a custom Shavano in midnight black with a triple color tip. Inner diameter is 19mm. Length is 62mm. It weighs in at about 2.5 ounces.

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  1. Don A. Wright
    Don A. Wright says:

    I just heard you on KFSR 90.7fm. The Hound Dog, aka Don Priest, played Death Letter on his Saturday Afternoon Blues Show – The Blues Buffet from the campus of Fresno State University. This is the first I’d heard of you. Loved the sound. I play slide, lap steel and Dobro so I got excited to listen to your approach. If you play the West Coast you need to contact Don Priest. If he doesn’t know it, he knows who does. I’m looking forward to learning and listening more about Delta Moon.


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