Invading Canada

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the United States’ failed invasion of Canada. Our schoolbooks don’t describe the War of 1812 that way, but the Canadians, though quite friendly, have a different angle on it. They also know that, as in almost every other civilized country, their Coca-Cola and catsup, made with real sugar, taste better than ours made with corn syrup. Okay, no argument. When and how did that happen anyway? Were we sleeping? Still, I think the US has Canada beat in areas which out of politeness I won’t mention, but one of them rhymes with smarbecue.

Delta Moon’s 2012 invasion of Canada has been a big success. We’ve had some memorable shows, hung out with some good friends and made a lot of new ones I hope we’ll see again. At the Kitchener Blues Festival we saw many inspiring acts, including Los Lobos (still one of my favorite bands, even without Cesar Rosas on this show), Taj Mahal, Bobby Blue Bland, Harry Manx and Marcia Ball, among others. I had the pleasure of meeting and playing a duo show with Ray Bonneville (Ray: “Do we need to rehearse this?” Tom: “I don’t think so.”). Then I played as a sideman for Ray when he opened for us at a club Sunday night. It was a lot of fun, and we have promised to stay in touch.

Invading Canada is hard work. We’ve been covering a lot of highway and playing constantly, sometimes two shows a day, then the next day getting up and doing it again. We might feel a little ragged sometimes — I’ve consumed my weight in throat lozenges and hot tea — but we’ve had a blast. Then in Toronto I saw this message posted in the hotel lobby:

Here are a few photos and videos from the never-ending struggle which we embrace:

Tom in Kitchener

Mark and Angela

set list

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  1. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    Your blog post cracked me up, especially the comment about “smarbecue”. I’m glad that Canada continues to treat you right and maybe, one day, you’ll see that elusive moose that you say that you haven’t yet seen. Looking forward to my next Delta Moon concert, on either side of the border. I’ll go wherever the good music is!

  2. Marie
    Marie says:

    My brother & I were there & were privileged to experience the great Delta Moon talent. Hoping to see you all again next year at this same festival. (Or in Florida should you be touring near our winter homes in the Northwest area. Fingers crossed that you will be nearby during our stay.)


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