Italia Bound Treno

Okay, we’re not going from Atlanta to Italy by treno, but by areoplano. Really it will be several areoplanos: from Atlanta to New York to Milan to Lamezia Terme, down near the toe of the boot. In all we’ll cover about 5400 miles in 30 hours. Even counting the ten-hour layover in Milan, where we plan to get a room for the day, we’ll average 180 miles an hour. That’s a bullet treno.

But then we’ll slow down a little. Italy is where we were first introduced to the Slow Food movement, and we remain believers today. I remember playing an outdoor festival in a castle courtyard near Parma. It wasn’t billed as just a music festival, but a music and food festival. We were eating dinner at a picnic table backstage, talking with the Italian drummer of another band. The singer walked over and laid a hand on the drummer’s shoulder. “Don’t talk to them now,” he said. “They are eating tortelli.”

We expect to meet lots of interesting people and have some memorable adventures on this trip. We’ll play ten shows in twelve days, from Sicily to the Alps. Delta Moon’s motto on the road is “talk to people,” and it’s amazing sometimes where that will lead you. I plan to take a lot of pictures and keep a journal. Internet access in Italy is hard to find, but I promise to post to Facebook, Twitter and my blog whenever possible. I will try not to bore you with pictures of every meal, but when someone serves us a bowl of fried olives and fried cream, well, I’m snapping a picture.

Fried Olives and Fried Cream

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