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Life is a Slide Guitar Workshop

We had a great tour of Europe. This time we traveled to Switzerland, Germany and Denmark, with a couple days off in France. All the shows went well, and more than one sold out. We had fun with the European audiences. My 18-year-old son Jim came along and helped tune guitars and carry equipment. Near the end of the tour he said, “Dad, something happened to this amp. It isn’t nearly as heavy as it was at first.”

One highlight of this tour was the slide guitar workshop Mark and I taught at Thorndal Guitars in Leutenberg, Germany, just a few kilometers from the Czech border. I’d tabbed out Mississippi Fred McDowell’s version of “You Gotta Move”, and we worked through it piece by piece, with some discussions of technique along the way. The German students came in at all different levels of proficiency, but by the end of the class they were all playing Fred style. I mean, they really got it.

Spreading slide guitar in the world is, I think, an excellent mission for Delta Moon. Seeing it actually happen in a room like that was immensely satisfying. I hope we teach some more workshops.

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  1. Jürgen Schenkl
    Jürgen Schenkl says:

    I was a participant of the workshop at Thorndal and it was a great experience for me. Thank`s a lot!
    I`ll remain a lifetime!!


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