Live It Like You Mean It

Delta Moon at Blind Willie's 7/30/2011

When I first determined to become a songwriter, I used to sit for hours writing anything that came into my head, keeping my pencil constantly moving. If nothing came into my head, I just drew loops across the lines. Sometimes I filled whole pages with nothing but loops. The first song that came out of those sessions had a title that still resonates with me: “Live It Like You Mean It.”

Delta Moon has been going through some changes lately. We’ve split with our longtime US booking agent — no hard feelings, but it was time. Time to live it like we mean it.

And Darren Stanley, our drummer of four years, has left the band. Darren is an excellent musician and has been a good road companion. We’ll miss him. But now that we’re working with several different drummers I’m hearing songs take new directions. Rehearsal can take you only so far. Working onstage without a net is exciting and inspiring. Led Zeppelin had a motto: “Eyes and ears open.” No autopilot. Live it like you mean it.

A recent obituary of painter Lucian Freud in The Economist said, “Each portrait was a risk. Every time he approached a sitter … he felt, he said, like a diver on the edge of the board. He had no idea what would happen.”

That’s how I should approach every day, every song, every performance – and, yeah, every blog.

Being a musician and songwriter has been my life, and it’s been a good one. How many more years will I get to do this? I hope plenty. But if it ever gets stale I’m done for. So that will be me you see up there, toes to the edge of the platform.

One, two, three…

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  1. Randell Whitehead
    Randell Whitehead says:

    Are you still looking for a drummer, not me but a friend of mine. He can bang on those bongos like a chimpanzee.

  2. Preston
    Preston says:

    Hey Tom. We have mutual friends and I have been listening to your material the past week. I was informed about your drummer situation by Steve W. I passed along my contact info and would love to talk to you.


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