Live Recording

Back when I started working in bands, recording a live show meant renting a tape truck, usually a stepvan outfitted as a studio control room with miles of cable and two-inch tape, manned by at least two technicians. Now a small rack and a laptop does the same job and takes up no more room than a suitcase. You can just see our rig on a table at the right edge of this photo.

Delta Moon at Papa Mojo's

After the initial cost of the gear and some time spent tuning it up (thanks, Jeff Bakos), it costs us nothing but a little extra effort to record any show on 16 tracks. The rig’s maiden run came at Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse in Durham, North Carolina, last month, a terrific throwdown, and – wonder of wonders – everything worked. We intend to keep recording shows and release a studio-quality live CD by spring.

(Thanks to Steven Whitsitt for the photo.)

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  1. Ian Baldwin
    Ian Baldwin says:

    Hi Tom,Greetings from your long lost fan from across the pond.I don;t suppose you are comimg to play here in 2013? I could certainly put you on for an evening down here near the south coast.Hope to hear from you.


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