Living the High Life

Delta Moon on stage

(Photos by Angie Santiago)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If a band can be measured by the quality of its audience, then Delta Moon must be doing something right. Thanks to everybody who came out this weekend in Hillsborough and Asheville. It was a good feeling in the room both nights. Special thanks to Krista for the banana bread and to Angie for these great photos.

The best line of the trip came from a stranger we met in a gas station along I-40 on Saturday afternoon. He was in the passenger seat of a beat-up sedan with his window down, pouring something from a bottle in a paper bag into a Dixie cup.

“How’s it going?” Mark said.

The man raised his Dixie cup and rolled the liquid around in it. “Well, you know how it is,” he said. “Chicken one day, pheasant the next.”

Dual slide guitars

Tom Gray, Franher Joseph

Darren Stanley

Mark Johnson

Franher Joseph

Tom Gray

3 replies
  1. Lynn Robinson
    Lynn Robinson says:

    Love you guys. I first saw you at The Peckerhead Brewery in Douglasville, GA back in about 1999 or so. Looking forward to the show on May 8th in Douglasville. Thank you for the great music.

  2. Jody Sauls
    Jody Sauls says:

    What a fun night at Shorty’s! Thanks for the invite. Hope you guys have a great time in Germany! And safe travels!

  3. Les from Mpls
    Les from Mpls says:

    Wow…great photos.. Tom playing a Strat…I have a similar one…a ’79…maple & blond…somewhat modified…I would love to have audio along with these photos!!

    Best wishes to all,
    Les from Mpls


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