More Bathroom Humor


A few years ago, on our first trip to Germany, I posted a blog about the streamlined urinals we found in German bathrooms. This article was apparently of interest to many American readers and even to some Europeans. So I thought you might enjoy a look at some of the bathroom fixtures we’ve encountered so far this trip.

Above is a six-way urinal in Idstein, Germany. I stood across from a middle-aged man in a suit and tie who was whistling a tune, and then waited until he left to take the picture.

We’ve seen many squatters in Italy, but when I heard of this red one in a German ladies room I had to sneak in and snap a shot.


In Denmark you can use the toilet in the shower…


… or in the street.


My favorite shower control so far was in our hotel in Copenhagen. It wasn’t in the shower at all, but across the room, by the sink. The knob in the middle controlled the flow. The bar on the left controlled the temperature. As far as I could tell, the red button didn’t do anything.


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