Music City Roots, December 7, 2012

Country Comfort

By Craig Havighurst

Music City Roots

I hope everyone enjoyed Delta Moon as much as I did. It’s a simple band with a simple plan, perfectly executed. Tom Gray and Mark Johnson both play slide guitar, the former overhand on electric lap steel and the latter underhand on a standard guitar with a bottleneck. On my planet, taste, tone and time are the three musical commandments (“thou shalt put heavy emphasis on…) and they were all about it. The razor sharp rhythm section of drummer Darren Stanley and bassist Franher Joseph laid out the grid, and the twin guitars filled it in with interwoven lines and fuzzy drones that evoked a trance-like state. It was close-your-eyes and float-on-the-groove music. And the lyrics of songs such as “Black Cat Oil” and “Hellbound Train,” sung in a distressed leather voice by Tom Gray, conjured a misty and forbidden world. True grit, these guys.

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