Nectar or Poison

Delta Moon was sitting around a beachside table overlooking the clear blue Tyrrhenian Sea, on a day off in Taureana, Italy. In the distance a rock jutted straight up from the water with a windswept olive tree growing on its peak. We had just swum out to that rock, dived off it and swum back to the beach. As we sipped cold beers, our Italian friend Saro explained to us his philosophy of life:

“I can make a bowl of delicious pasta. After eating maybe I can float around on a little boat. Ah, nectar! Or I can think, ‘Here I am eating pasta while my neighbor is eating steak! And I have only this little boat while he has that big yacht.’ Poison! Fill yourself with poison and your life will be miserable and cut short. But choose nectar and you can live forever.”

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