North Carolina Jambalaya

Tom at Kure Beach 500

Some people go around to see bands. I’m starting to think of what we do as going around to see audiences.

The Berkeley in Raleigh Saturday night was rocking. The crowd wasn’t huge but it was top-quality, fun to play to in a way that makes a band push the limits. Things got a little crazy. After the show we were laughing at the bar with some friends and fans when the bartender turned on the lights. Somebody said, “Well, the lights came up, and we all still look pretty good.” Sometimes that’s enough.

Mark Ang

(Photo by Angie Santiago)

Sunday afternoon we played the Pleasure Island Festival on Kure Beach, near Wilmington, NC. The band got into a few things that had happened spontaneously the night before and took them a little farther. The audience, bless them, went right there with us. I snapped the picture below early in the set when they were more sedate, probably still digesting. This was, after all, a music and seafood festival. After the show Mark and Darren had fish tacos. Franher and I had to go for the seafood samplers with grilled shrimp, oysters and jambalaya.

Kure Beach audience 500a

Good people and good food make up for a lot of other things, like spending 17 out of 38 hours on the highway. You learn to sort of hypnotize yourself. It’s not sleep but it’s not staying awake either. We got home to the studio and Darren said, “Wow, did we just leave here yesterday?” No, because by then it was 1:00 Monday morning.

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  1. Mike and Cheryl Orem
    Mike and Cheryl Orem says:

    You Guys are always great…but even better now(keep the drummer and bassist at all costs,they are awesome!!!)Like I told you guys at the show,you’re the reason we bought a ticket.Hope to see you next year ,again!!


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