Northeast Tour – Part 1


Excerpts from Tom Gray’s road journal

August 1, 2014, I-95, somewhere in Virginia

We got a late start out of Atlanta yesterday. We were to meet at my house at 1:00, but at the last minute Darren texted he would be half an hour late. He arrived exactly at 1:30, but the others, having read his text, didn’t show up until after 2:00.

There’s an ant nest somewhere on the underside of the van. So far they have survived a car wash and 600 miles of highway. This morning Darren found ants in his bag of trail mix. One is wandering across the dashboard now, like a cowboy on the desert, scouting for more chocolate. Nobody wants to spray poison when we’re riding in here every day ourselves. Perhaps if we keep the van clean we can starve them out, and the colony will move in the night to a new home underneath some motel shrubbery.

August 2, 2014, I-95, New York City

Washington DC last night, Stamford, Connecticut, tonight. Lots of delays on the New Jersey Turnpike. As we waited in traffic at the George Washington Bridge, Mark said, “Basically we’re truck drivers who play music at night.”

August 4, 2014, somewhere near Hartford, Connecticut

After the show last night we wound up in a tavern across the street from the hotel. An off-duty waitress sat at the end of the bar, smiling and humming to herself. Later we were sitting at a picnic table outside when the waitress got in her car, turned on the dome light and vomited in two quick bursts. She calmly produced a roll of paper towels and cleaned up, then counted her tips, tucked the bills away and drove off.

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  1. Ariane Reeves
    Ariane Reeves says:

    Hi Tom,
    Love the “truck drivers who play at night”. Must be so surreal on the road…Sad for the server, disturbed me…bet it is very common in this country – don’t think you observed in Europe – thoughts?

  2. Anna
    Anna says:

    Aug 4 – did she inspire Tom to write another verse to “Life’s a Song”? She is probably pulling 2 or 3 jobs and was exhausted – like to think that anyway. Be safe!


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