Northeast Tour – Part 2


Tuesday in Boston, Wednesday in Buffalo (we loved playing the Sportsmen’s Tavern, a great place to see a band, a great place to be a band). Thursday’s crossing into Canada stretched into Friday, as we had to leave Franher behind at a motel in Buffalo because of some confusion with his passport. But the Kitchener Blues Festival people came through in a big way and got a Member of Parliament (the Canadian federal government, not the band) to straighten out the situation. They even sent a limousine. Franher pulled into Kitchener Friday one hour before showtime.

Delta Moon played three shows at the Kitchener festival: one in Victoria Park and two more at indoor venues. In addition, on Sunday I played a trance blues workshop with Otis Taylor (I showed up with just my guitar; he brought his whole band) and a special show Saturday on the downtown tent stage, with Otis Taylor’s bass player and drummer side-by-side with Darren and Franher, and Otis Taylor and me fronting this one-time-only band for half an hour each. There was no rehearsal. Our only rule was no chord changes. A woman backstage said, “This could tank so easily.”

But the two drummers and two bass players meshed like a big machine. Here’s some of what it sounded like:

Thanks to Milton Young for the photo at top, and to Jesse Bl for the video.

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