Official Bootleg #1

Delta Moon - Live in America

For a while now we’ve been talking about releasing an official Delta Moon bootleg, an audio snapshot of the band on stage. Mark got a little Sony digital recorder, and over the last year he has been recording shows in all kinds of situations: large and small halls, theaters, clubs, outdoor venues and rehearsals.

The show we finally decided on wasn’t the flashiest venue or the biggest crowd, but an intimate gig at Shorty’s Pizza in Tucker, Georgia. You can hear the actual instruments from the stage, not booming from a PA, and get a sense of the crowd that night. There was a good feeling in the room, and it comes across in the recording. This is a warts-and-all album, no fixes or overdubs, but we were playing good, as David Lindley says, not bad.

We’ve pressed a limited run of 500 CDs called Live in America and priced them cheap at $9.99.

This CD will be available only on our website and at live shows, and when these are gone there won’t be any more. But we’re still recording shows, so if these go quickly we’ll just release a new one. Ever optimistic, we’ll call this Official Bootleg #1.

Meanwhile, we’ve been working hard on the next Delta Moon studio CD, and we’ve got a slam-bang tour of Germany coming up. I’ll be posting notes from the road on the blog here, whenever I can catch my breath and find an internet connection.

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  1. ulrich womelsdorf
    ulrich womelsdorf says:

    Hope you bring some of those cd´s with you, when you come to krautland next week.
    By the way. The British band “The blues band” had a similar idea in 1980. They called their first cd ” the official blues band bootleg album”. After they sold it successfully at their shows a record company put it out.
    See you next week.

  2. Les from Mpls
    Les from Mpls says:

    I just got my copy yesterday in the mail and it’s really awesome! I think this is a great way to deliver “live” music to guys like me who live outside the range of gigs…Minneapolis in my case. I recommend this disc to everyone. I have played it straight through about 5 times and I love every tune..PLUS…it’s really cool to hear the waitresses say “Miller Lite?”…or “you doin’ OK?” while the gigs goin’ on…!!! I really love “I’m A Witness” and was that a hint of Hop Wilson’s “Chicken Stuff” at about 2:43 during that tune? I’ve said it before…these guys are the real deal and I can’t wait for the new studio recording which Tom discusses on the Delta Moon site.


    Les from Mpls

  3. Jody
    Jody says:

    We just our copy in the mail – can’t wait to hear y’all again at Shorty’s!

    And Tom, when are you going to write a book? I love reading your blog!

    Safe travels to you guys while you’re on tour!

  4. emanuele
    emanuele says:

    Hi I love your music a lot. I live in Italy pls tell me how may I get you Bootleg LIVE IN AMERICA.

    I need it,please help me

    Thanks for your music



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