Q & A with Tom Gray at pauseandplay.com

By Gerry Galipault
Pause & Play

BTW: “Our goals are usually moving targets,” Delta Moon frontman Tom Gray tells P&P. “One was to solidify the lineup of the band. Franher Joseph (bass) and Darren Stanley (drums) have been with us over two years now, and for a lot of that time we’ve been working on this album.

“We’ve concentrated on playing together in the same room, everybody present with eyes and ears open, having fun and making no excuses. Of course, there are some overdubs on the record, but we wanted that feeling of a band playing together to come through in every song. I had some goals in songwriting, but they’re getting foggy now, because I’m already working on the next project. One was to drop a lot of place names, to anchor the album in the American South and then sum up with a closing song about the South itself.”

A former member of the Atlanta-based Brains in the early 1980s, Gray knows a thing or two about writing songs: He wrote “Money Changes Everything,” which Cyndi Lauper covered for her smash “She’s So Unusual” album in 1984.

Did it allow him a financial cushion and confidence to stay in this oft-fickle business?

“Well, of course that song has been very good to me,” Gray says. “It has allowed me, as Joseph Campbell said, to follow my bliss. But I like to think even if Cyndi Lauper had never cut the song I would have found some other way. Not long ago a friend told me, after a few drinks, that I don’t know anything about real life. My life is just as real as anybody’s.”

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