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Blues Again (Click here for the original French text.)

Delta Moon – Cabbagetown

We are here with the band that won the International Blues Challenge in 2003, let’s not forget it. This quartet based in Atlanta has never failed its reputation. The proof comes with this eighth studio album. In addition to the rhythm section, Franher Joseph (bass and double bass) and Marlon Patton (drums and percussion) are the two founding members who attract attention because both are slide guitarists. They are Tom Gray and Mark Johnson. It should be noted that Tom Gray was voted Blues lyricist of the year in 2008 by the American Roots Music Association. Nine original compositions and a cover of ‘Death Letter’ by Son House, interpreted in a hypnotic and modern way, appear on this CD which debuts with ‘Rock And Roll Girl’, a song that rocks, but without any hysteria. With ‘The Day Before Tomorrow,’ the next track, we listen to a rhythmic ballad as CCR knew how to do. ‘Just Lucky I Guess’ is an acoustic piece, with double bass and always the slides and voice of Tom Gray, rough as sandpaper. A powerful song that comes close to the desert blues, ‘Refugee’, sees three singers succeed each other: Tom Gray, the beautiful bass voice of Franher Joseph and that of Kyshona Armstrong, backup vocalist on other songs. A country-blues instrumental accompanied by a little harmonica and double bass, ‘Cabbagetown Shuffle’, takes us gently towards the end of the album where the brilliant ‘Sing Together’ positively and enthusiastically urges us to replay this album again and again. A beautiful record to accompany the spring.


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