Review of Cabbagetown in Blues in the South (UK)

Blues in the South

Delta Moon


By Brian Harman

This is the eighth album from Atlanta, Georgia, based band Delta Moon, who consist of: Tom Gray; lead vocals, lap steel guitar, guitar and keyboards, Mark Johnson; vocals, guitar, mandoguitar and lap steel guitar, Franher Joseph; vocals, electric and upright bass and Marlon Patton; drums and percussion. Their highly effective use of twin slide guitars and low enticing gravel infused vocals most definitely make for a highly impressive and satisfyingly individual style. Here they present nine original numbers along with a stunning version of the classic “Death Letter”, by Mississippi legend Son House.

Unlike most versions, here a brooding, pulsating bass groove is paired with a thickly viscous guitar rhythm over which an extremely haunting harmonica and ringing lap steel eerily floats above, only heightening the emotion. “Cabbagetown Shuffle”, is a splendid gently toe tapping gospel influenced instrumental that features sprightly sweeping brushwork combined with a very immersing rootsy mixture of Hawaiian and bottleneck guitars while overhead a soloing harmonica gently wails away.

The menacing and dirge like brooding mixture of low bass and slowly churning percussion underpin a rumbling guitar and plaintive piano which introduces the partly spoken “Refugee”, which starkly expresses the sentiments and emotions of the newly dispossessed, found in and throughout this world today. The bright and breezy “Rock And Roll Girl”, is the archetypal story of a life lived on the road saved only by the love of a special woman, the sweetly burnishing burred vocals and swinging, slightly fuzzy wailing and rolling guitars effortlessly and soothingly lift you up, up and away. “Just Lucky I Guess”, is extremely enticing and satisfying with its lazy, slightly Hill Country feel, the rolling and tumbling percussion is ably abetted by the splendid comforting Mando-guitar picking, underpinning beautifully rasping yet, soothing vocals. “The Day Before Tomorrow”, optimistically hits you and the ground running with its bright country fuelled acoustic guitars lifting your soul then the richly satisfying electric guitars come in to lift you even higher.

Greatly Endorsed!

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