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Flyin Shoes

Delta Moon – Cabbagetown

By Norman Darwen

This is the eighth studio album from this four-piece band out of Atlanta, Georgia, with nine original compositions and a throbbing cover of Mississippi Delta bluesman Son House’s classic ‘Death Letter’, more than a little different from other versions you may have heard. The band is more of a roots-rock outfit than a straight blues band, with an upbeat approach and an ability to consistently hit a seemingly effortless groove married to a memorable melody and catchy lyrics. Although the gospel based guitar instrumental ‘Cabbagetown Shuffle’ impresses mightily, a track like ‘Refugee’ probably doesn’t win them too many friends in the more conservative areas of the South.

The band’s sound is unusual in being based around the twin slide guitars and fine vocals of Tom Gray and Mark Johnson over a cooking rhythm section, occasionally aided by the deep vocals of bassist Franher Joseph. At 36 minutes, the running time may seem a little short, but when you have said all that is needed, there’s no need for more, is there?

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