Review of Live Vol. 2 in Ikon (Sweden)

Ikon (Follow this link for original Swedish text.)

By Roger Bengtsson

Konceptet är inte ändrat

Delta Moon “Turn Around When Possible – Live Volume 2” (2013)

The Concept is Unchanged

Not long ago I wrote about Delta Moon’s last live album, Life’s A Song – Live Volume One. No direct changes have occurred in the band since the last time. Why change a working concept?

Now here are ten songs recorded at a gig in Bremen, Germany on May 7, 2013. Essentially it is an album of original songs, but, as with last, a number of cover songs also made ​​their way into the mix. Actually the cover songs that I like the most — “Nightclubbing” (David Bowie / Iggy Pop) does very well in a bluesy version, and “Goin ‘Down South” (RL Burnside) was allowed to last for just over eight minutes — I think work just brilliantly. Moreover, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with Delta Moon’s own songs. Clearly something to check out if you like rocking blues that are not afraid to jam.


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