Review of Live Vols. 1 & 2 in BluesMagazine (Netherlands)

Delta Moon: Life’s A Song – Live Volume 1 / Turn Around When Possible – Live Volume 2

By Eric Campfens

BluesMagazine (Follow this link for the original Dutch text.)

DeltaMoon Live1
Delta Moon, coming from Georgia, is built around the guitar duo Tom Gray and Mark Johnson. The band was formed in 2002, and after some early personnel changes the two guitarists have been for several years now supported by the bass and the drums of Franher Joseph and Darren Stanley. Recently, about the same time, two live albums appeared, namely Life’s A Song – Live Volume 1 and Turn Around When Possible – Live Volume 2. No problem, because of the 24 songs there are only three repeats. In addition, in the recordings of various concerts the duplications are not identical.

The first album, Life’s A Song – Live Volume 1, was recorded late in 2012 during three shows in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. We hear fourteen songs spread over 75 minutes. The band is in good form, obviously relaxed and having fun. As you would expect from a blues/southern rock band from the southern states of the US, of course, we hear a lot of slide and it’s just rough and unpolished. Three songs besides their own compositions. Highlights here for me “Hellbound Train,” “I’m A Witness” and the great “Black Coffee”, not to be confused with the old Peggy Lee/Sarah Vaughan number.

Anyone who after this 75 minutes does not have enough can then purchase Turn Around When Possible – Live Volume 2, which in 2013 was recorded in Bremen. Here we find ten songs, of which only three can be heard on the first CD. Also, this CD is full of rough, unpolished blues/rock/southern rock. Striking is the choice of an old David Bowie/Iggy Pop song “Nightclubbing”, which appears here. As slow blues. Class.

Two excellent live CDs from this great band. The recordings can be called perfect, but the live feel ensures that it is not too clinical. Twice recommended.

Life’s A Song – Live Volume 1
1 Hell Bound Train
2 Black Cat Oil
3 Lonely
4 Get Gone
5 Black Coffee
6 You Got To Move
7 Goin’ Down South
8 I’m A Witness
9 Clear Blue Flame
10 Stuck In Carolina
11 Life’s A Song
12 Blind Spot
13 Lap Dog
14 Shake Your Hips

Turn Around When Possible – Live Volume 2
1 Midnight Train
2 Black Coffee
3 The Wrong Side Of Town
4 Get Gone
5 Shake ‘Em On Down
6 Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
7 Goin’ Down South
8 True Love Lies
9 Nightclubbing
10 That’s It

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