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Delta Moon/Turn Around When Possible: Live Volume 2

RockTimes (Follow this link for German text.)

By Marcus Kerren

It is scarcely one short year since Delta Moon released their last live album Life’s a Song … and also toured in Germany. Meanwhile, the next disc was recorded — potzblitz — almost a year ago in the Bremen blues club Meisenfrei. That it appeals to Southerners very well in good ole Germany, I was allowed to learn at the end of April 2013 in Freudenburger Ducsaal both live on stage, and later behind it. So now we have the result of this tour, with surprisingly twooverlapping songs, “Black Coffee” and “Goin ‘Down South”, from the previous disk.

There is a paragraph from my last review, that I here — albeit with a bit of regret — (almost) find worth repeating: “Let’s get this straight right away: this CD has a lot of pluses and only a single small minus. To get this out of the way: unfortunately, the very genuine spoken introductions to the songs were cut out, which I personally find unfortunate. Okay, and then there is the ‘booklet’ of only one sheet, but then all the useful information can be found on the back cover.”

Basically, the brand new disc from Delta Moon is a little quieter than its predecessor, therefore not quite as good. The full effect of the songs might notfully develop the very first spin, but once the wheelhas rotated a couple of times in the player, there’s a great Turn Around WhenPossible … no chance to escape this magic groove, being deeply from the marshes of the Mississippi Delta. At the high top are the skills of the musicians and the relaxed coolvocals by Tom Gray, who also just happens to be a master of the steel guitar.

What’s going on here is presented meticulously — relaxed and with tons of feeling , but never blatant . But this approach to the tracks is evidence of lots of self-confidence and trust in their own abilities. The first of the ten pieces is the horny “Midnight Train“, icing on the cake for the others that follow. As to the tempo of the pieces, the closing “That’s It” is a significant upward outlier. The more upbeat “Shake ‘Em On Down” just keeps up halfway.

But — without wishing to repeat myself — the power, the depth and content of these songs lies in a groove that hits where the belly meets the soul and in the performance of each of the band members, who form as a whole a great unit that just works astonishingly well . Extremely cool is, for example, the David Bowie and Iggy Pop song “Nightclubbing” (from Iggy’s album The Idiot, 1977) , in which you see yourself sitting at half past two in the morning at the bar in some obscure shed with an indefinable mixed drink.

Therefore, the music of Delta Moon goes unerringly into the gut and the soul because it is not only celebrated by very strong musicians, but on top of that is still very authentic. The quartet will be on tour in Germany from early April to early May, and RockTimes is looking forward to be able to report back from one gig or another.


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