Review of Live Volume 2 in Sur la Route de Memphis (France)

Sur La Route de Memphis

(Translated from French)

Delta Moon

Turn Around When Possible

A live recording … in Germany by a band from Atlanta, Georgia. A group that draws its influences from the blues side but does not try to sound blues at all costs. This sometimes approaches rock, sometimes pop with a good dose of blues. The group in its current form has existed for a dozen years and has anyway 9 albums to its credit. A voice that speaks with ease, showing some experience in this field, a guitar that uses a slide and gives sympathetic service to all songs without being staggering. A blues rock on the whole pretty cool. Of the 10 titles “Midnight Train” is notable as well as “That’s It”, which balances it pleasantly. And then there are a few covers such as “Shake ‘Em On Down” by Fred McDowell, “Hard Times Killing Floor Blues” by Skip James, to which they give a particularly neat interpretation, and “Goin’ Down South” by RL Burnside, which they assimilated without copying. A more surprising version of “Nightclubbing” by David Bowie and Iggy Pop becomes a real classic blues in this interpretation by Delta Moon, a group that does not lack experience and makes its music with ease evening after evening.

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