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Delta Moon “Low Down” 2015

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By Oleg Pavlov

As you are aware, the hallmark of the group is a game of TWO slide guitarists, the founding members from Atlanta, Georgia – Tom Gray and Mark Johnson. Playing together for over 10 years, they have received rave reviews, public acclaim and many awards in the blues genre. “Warm mixture of blues-rock, country, and radio hits,” “This music lives and breathes,” “honest and natural music”, “as long as there are such groups, there is no reason to worry for the future of the blues” — such epithets have been awarded them by the music press.

The album has 12 songs. Nine of them are original, written by Tom Gray. And three great, in my opinion, covers — “Down In The Flood” by Bob Dylan, “Lowdown” by Tom Waits and” Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” by Skip James.

Tom Gray himself sings on the album. He has a soft, serene, slightly husky voice — one more trump card for the team — and with pleasant emotions makes a trustworthy narrator.

The first track, “Wrong Side Of Town,” sets the lyrical tone of the album: “Don’t you get these people wrong. Some will kill you for a dollar. Some will love you for a song.” Through all the sounds there lingers the party slide guitar, with a solo in the middle of the song, continuing its own conversation rather than the subject of the narrator.

The album continues in this spirit. Each song has its own accents or swinging groove, but on the whole meets the concept reflected in the title, one of the meanings of the phrase “low down” — zaduschevny, from the heart. I think the album could be considered to be the best release of the first half of 2015.

11.05.15 Oleg Pavlov for BN

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