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Jumping Jack Records artist: Delta Moon – Low Down – New release review

Bman’s Blues Report

I just received the newest release (May 5, 2015), Low Down, from Delta Moon and it’s a warm mix of blues rock, country and radio play. Opening with “Wrong Side Of Town”, a blues rocker with Tom Gray on lead vocal…. A catchy melody and a JJ Cale like feel, this track should easily catch airplay. On New Orleans rhythm track, “Afterglow”, again has nice slide work with nice drum work from Marlon Patton and bass work from Franher Joseph. Mark Johnson and Gray trade guitar riffs giving the track texture. “Nothing You Can Tell A Fool” has Muddy Waters like slide work from Johnson. Heavy tom tom work from Patton and backing vocals from Francine Reed, Johnson and Joseph nicely complement the shimmery slide work throughout. “Mean Streak” has a solid radio theme and a slight funk on the bottom. Both lead and slide riffs on this track add nicely to the composition. Two stepper “Lowdown”, a Tom Waits track, is my favorite track of the first half of the release with free wheelin’ slide work from Johnson. Bob Dylan’s “Down In The Flood” has a really cool feel with a underlying slide rhythm track. Johnson plays some of his nice slide riffs on this track and Francine Reed’s vocals are a really nice addition. Cool rhythm is what it’s all about on “Open All Night”. A rich drum rhythm with a really nice slide part and topped by Gray on harp makes this another of my favorite tracks on the release. Rock driver “Spark In The Dark” has super potential as a radio player with its catchy melody, slide riffs and perfectly clicked vocals, set off by a clever drum part. Skip James’ “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” takes a more acoustic feel with Johnson on resonator and Gray laying down an eerie pedal steel slide. Cool track. Easy rocker “Mayfly” is another track with strong airplay potential with Anna Kramer backing Gray on vocal and real slick slide work contrasted against a rock drum beat. “Jelly Roll” is an uptempo blues rocker with solid roots on the early blues. This track is my pick for the best track on the release with great slide work, a perfect groove and nicely blended vocals. Wrapping the release is “Jacky Ray” with a funky groove. Joseph lays down a cool bass line balanced against Gray on vocal and organ. Johnson has a saturated tone on guitar and slide giving the track an extra warm feeling. Nice conclusion to an overall cool release.

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